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Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm moving this blog to its own domain:


Note: If there's nothing there yet, keep checking back -- there will be! I don't post in my smelly pussy blog often (yet), but I still love it and hope you do too!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Intoxicating Bush Smell

From a longer entry I posted today on TastyTrixie.com about being intoxicated by the scent of my own musky bush during my webcam show masturbation session:
Today I decided not to shower, putting my dirty hair in pigtails instead. It’s been four or five days since I had a shower and maybe only two baths (last night and some other time) during that time. For three days I wore the same pair of sticky, hot-smelling panties. My bush is getting really filled-out again, and every time I go to the bathroom I sniff the crotch of my underwear and play with my cowlicks that come together and curl up where my lips meet. The musky smell of pussy-hair steeped in cunt-sweat is part of what I love about not shaving.

Anyway, it smelled so good today during my show, I just kept petting it and bringing my hand up to inhale, over and over again. Deep breaths, totally drugging myself on that woman-sex smell of myself. I fucking could not get enough of it, smelling it, and watching me on the monitor, stroking myself with my light-pink clit poking out between my dirty-blonde fur and those SOCKS pulled up on my thighs making everything in the middle look so fucking naked and whorey.

I remember the first time I ever rode on Highway 1 through Big Sur, not being able to get enough of that hot sage smell. It doesn’t smell like pussy exactly, but it’s addictive and elevating, like ascending to heaven and being on some other unearthly level in between the ground and meeting God’s secretary while He’s away. I feel the same way about the smell of my musky bush, like if I were to immerse myself in it far enough I would wind up in some other place of knowledge and luxury and a decadent form of peace.

Today while I inhaled I realized the scent on my fingers reminded me a whole lot of crayola crayon wrappers. Not exactly like that, but similar. I always wonder where that Really Perfect Pussy smell comes from, like what the secret recipe is for it to be that perfect all of the time. Was it steeping my hair in dirty underwear so long? Was it the hot apple cider and cashews we had before bed? Was it the flax seed and evening primrose oil? Was it having PMS? Was it the mingling of a favorite lotion with the cunt smell to create a perfect pussy-church combo?
Yeah. I know you guys wish I'd post over here more often, right?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnant Pussy?

I recently received this email describing one cunnophile's experiences in distinguishing between pregnant and not-pregnant pussy:
I have been a fan of yours for a couple of years now . . . . Anyway just a few compliments you are great, just the right curves, and you remind me of the girls I dated in the 60's.

Did I read some where you had a concern you might be pregnant? Well, here is a true story; I love to eat pussy: my favorite thing to do. I was taught by 2 sisters of a friend. Anyway we practiced nearly every day and my tongue and jaw hurt for sometime. I never let these two wash, that was my duty. I went off to the Military and when I returned I met up with them again. One tasted different, I found out later she was pregnant. This happened again to another girlfriend I had who stepped out on me. Then a few more times with girls I was serious about . . . . So if your boyfriend is a pussy eater, which with a name like tasty he should be. He could probably tell faster than one of those test kits you buy at the store.
We are indeed trying to get pregnant. In preparation to document some of the physical changes I'll experience if we succeed, I shaved my usually-hairy pussy. I've also read that pregnancy changes the scent of women's lube, so it stands to reason it would taste different, too.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of having my pussy eaten. I much prefer a hand job or intercourse or going down on someone else myself. I have a hard time concentrating and the stimulation is just too pointed for me so it takes forever for me to orgasm that way. Delia (my girlfriend who used to be my boyfriend) does love going down on women, but it's been awhile in our bedroom since it's not my favorite thing to experience (I don't *hate* it -- it's nice and all -- I just enjoy other things a lot more) so I don't think that would be a great way for us to test for pregnancy. Still, I'll have to solicit some FEEDback from her whenever I do get pregnant. ;) I am curious to find out IN WHAT WAY the flavor and scent is different.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Panty Sniffing Site

Hmmmmm . . . I ran across a very interesting looking website today: XXX Panty Sniffing.

I must say those preview pictures are extremely inviting, particularly the ones showing shaved pussy under sheer panties. The only bone I have to pick with it is that there seem to ONLY be shaved pussies on that site which seems to contradict the desire for a really yummy smelling pair of panties. Cunt-hair traps that seductive musky aroma in a way bald twats just can't. I wish the porn industry would strike a balance between shaved and hairy.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Color PINK!

I started thinking about the color pink today while I was masturbating during my camshow.

While my hitachi magic wand buzzed high on the shaft of my clit, I used the fingers on my left hand to tease the rest of my pussy and ass. I tickled my asshole. I tugged gently on my tampon string then let go, feeling it subtly vibrate inside. And I used my tiny fingertips to tenderly stroke the head of my clit, it's hood, and my lips around my peehole.

I closed my eyes while I alternately pressed my button, rubbed it back and forth, and rotated it under my finger. I felt the twin folds of my little inner labia right below their critical arch. Because of my tampon, nothing was damp -- my skin was soft and dry . . . almost rubbery but not tough enough to be like rubber. More like fresh pink-eraser rubber crossed with raw pie-dough.

As I touched myself it was as though I could FEEL the color pink through my fingertips. Like the pads of my fingers translated what they sensed beneath them as "pink". Rosy fleshy pink. Exquisitely sensitive pink. Forbiddenly private pink. I felt pink through my fingertips and came.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If you could blog smells . . .

I ran across this blog question: What would you blog if you could blog smells?

My answer is fairly obvious; I would blog the smell of my pussy.

Let's pretend I could only blog the smell of my pussy ONCE, so could only capture one aroma. Would I pick a standard day? A beautifully musky day? A fishy day? A garlic-y day? A yogurty day?

I'm only human, I would pick a day when my hot box smells perfect. "Perfect" to me being a really musky aroma with a hint of chalkboard. There's no way I would pick a "bad" day. It's one thing to describe a cat-piss scented pussy on your blog in words, and another to actually let the world smell it.

On the other hand, if I could provide a seven scent sampler of seven different aromas that have emanated from my vulva, capturing both the good and the bad (because yes, I do think pussy smells bad sometimes as much as it smells heavenly at others), I hope I would have the balls to do that. It always makes me cringe when I hear people (men in particular) talking about pussy and how it smells or tastes as though there is only ONE scent or flavour for ALL women, EVERY day. It varies, not just from one woman to the next, but from day to day with the SAME woman.

Friday, December 09, 2005


If you love the musky scent of pussy, try blowdrying your box. Put the hairdryer on a low speed and warm setting (not too hot and not too forceful), aim at bush (held far enough away so as not to heat up the skin too much), and INHALE.

From my perspective, it not only feels great (like the gods breathing a warm breeze between your legs) but it smells so fucking good. It magnifies and intensifies that yummy cunt smell just enough to absolutely surround you.

I'm fantasizing now about charging guys just to be near me and inhale as I do this, with absolutely no physical contact. I truly think they would be so enchanted by the hot deep smell of mellow cunt that they would enslave themselves, promising to do my bidding if only I allow them to continue basking in the olfactory glow of my tropical-breeze snatch.