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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnant Pussy?

I recently received this email describing one cunnophile's experiences in distinguishing between pregnant and not-pregnant pussy:
I have been a fan of yours for a couple of years now . . . . Anyway just a few compliments you are great, just the right curves, and you remind me of the girls I dated in the 60's.

Did I read some where you had a concern you might be pregnant? Well, here is a true story; I love to eat pussy: my favorite thing to do. I was taught by 2 sisters of a friend. Anyway we practiced nearly every day and my tongue and jaw hurt for sometime. I never let these two wash, that was my duty. I went off to the Military and when I returned I met up with them again. One tasted different, I found out later she was pregnant. This happened again to another girlfriend I had who stepped out on me. Then a few more times with girls I was serious about . . . . So if your boyfriend is a pussy eater, which with a name like tasty he should be. He could probably tell faster than one of those test kits you buy at the store.
We are indeed trying to get pregnant. In preparation to document some of the physical changes I'll experience if we succeed, I shaved my usually-hairy pussy. I've also read that pregnancy changes the scent of women's lube, so it stands to reason it would taste different, too.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of having my pussy eaten. I much prefer a hand job or intercourse or going down on someone else myself. I have a hard time concentrating and the stimulation is just too pointed for me so it takes forever for me to orgasm that way. Delia (my girlfriend who used to be my boyfriend) does love going down on women, but it's been awhile in our bedroom since it's not my favorite thing to experience (I don't *hate* it -- it's nice and all -- I just enjoy other things a lot more) so I don't think that would be a great way for us to test for pregnancy. Still, I'll have to solicit some FEEDback from her whenever I do get pregnant. ;) I am curious to find out IN WHAT WAY the flavor and scent is different.

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