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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If you could blog smells . . .

I ran across this blog question: What would you blog if you could blog smells?

My answer is fairly obvious; I would blog the smell of my pussy.

Let's pretend I could only blog the smell of my pussy ONCE, so could only capture one aroma. Would I pick a standard day? A beautifully musky day? A fishy day? A garlic-y day? A yogurty day?

I'm only human, I would pick a day when my hot box smells perfect. "Perfect" to me being a really musky aroma with a hint of chalkboard. There's no way I would pick a "bad" day. It's one thing to describe a cat-piss scented pussy on your blog in words, and another to actually let the world smell it.

On the other hand, if I could provide a seven scent sampler of seven different aromas that have emanated from my vulva, capturing both the good and the bad (because yes, I do think pussy smells bad sometimes as much as it smells heavenly at others), I hope I would have the balls to do that. It always makes me cringe when I hear people (men in particular) talking about pussy and how it smells or tastes as though there is only ONE scent or flavour for ALL women, EVERY day. It varies, not just from one woman to the next, but from day to day with the SAME woman.