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Friday, December 09, 2005


If you love the musky scent of pussy, try blowdrying your box. Put the hairdryer on a low speed and warm setting (not too hot and not too forceful), aim at bush (held far enough away so as not to heat up the skin too much), and INHALE.

From my perspective, it not only feels great (like the gods breathing a warm breeze between your legs) but it smells so fucking good. It magnifies and intensifies that yummy cunt smell just enough to absolutely surround you.

I'm fantasizing now about charging guys just to be near me and inhale as I do this, with absolutely no physical contact. I truly think they would be so enchanted by the hot deep smell of mellow cunt that they would enslave themselves, promising to do my bidding if only I allow them to continue basking in the olfactory glow of my tropical-breeze snatch.