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Monday, May 10, 2004


All About My Vagina : smell:
"Washing makes my vagina smell less strong. Going several days with no washing results in a more pungent vagina. Most people could probably have guessed that."

MyVag.net is a fantastic matter-of-fact website by one woman writing frankly about all aspects of her "vag". Her entry on its smell goes on from the quotation above to describe the aroma as similar to "raw potatoes" and "white glue".

We need more of this type of honesty regarding our genitals instead of dumbing things down, or covering them up, or just plain lying about them and promoting sheer stupidity.

Sometimes I cannot believe how little people know about vaginas, but this chick is one smart cookie. Her intelligence blesses us with greater accuracy than we're used to (come on, raw potatoes and white glue aren't words you've ever heard used to describe the smell of pussy, but they are so APT) without being clinical.


I ate pineapple today . . . and salmon. We'll see if that has any effect on smell and flavor later.

After reading such perfect descriptions on MyVag.net, I feel at a loss to describe how I smell right now. All I can say is the right-hand index finger used for the diptest smells better than the blank left-hand index finger.